aRandy Korte

TMCI Transportation has sponsored Randy Korte for a number of years. Randy Korte has been racing for
the better of 20 years, and brings more than just experience to the race track. He races at a number of
different tracks as well as a number of different Dirt Late Model racing series. In 2005 he was crowned
champion of the UMP Challenge of Champions series, and placed 3rd in UMP National point standings.
In 1997 and 2006 he won the UMP National Points Title. In the last two year Randy has posted wins in nearly
every major Dirt Late Model series. TMCI Transportation is proud to be of the 2007 RKR Motorsports
Team, and wishes Good Luck to the entire RKR Motorsports Racing Team.
For more information on Randy Korte, you can visit his website at